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Awesome station!!! Its a really huge honor to have our band "Second Day Story" being played in the rotation of songs!! Be blessed! - S.Rhein

Great Radio Station and powerful Artist Spotlights!! Thank you!!! - RB.Lees

Racman Christian Radio has played a huge part in my ministry so blessed to sow into your ministry! - A.Graham

I enjoy Racman Christian Radio because the station is not afraid to play from artists old, new, and budding. The station gives artists that are emerging a chance, still does things like requests and has a personable and great DJ who has the heart to reach others for God through the music and programs he runs. I am constantly hearing new music I enjoy and appreciating older music that I had forgotten about. This station is not afraid to try something new, not so regulated, it will not consider something non-traditional. For that very reason, I tune-in as much as my schedule allows, and share those new artists with my friends and family. This station puts the fun back into radio listening, I am always being surprised and delighted. - M.Hunt

I love Racman Christian Radio. Jesse is a true Godly professional who gives God His best and blesses all of us with an eclectic array of music that we would not hear otherwise on mainstream radio. I became a sponsor as I look forward to working with Jesse for years to come! – Dawn, Faith Graphix "Printing You Can Trust"

Music ministry that oils your spirit as you go throughout your day! - Rice Property Management

Racman Christian Radio has some of the best programmings in Internet Radio. Very professionally done and well worth the listen - William Volont (BNNS Radio)

Racman Christian Radio is Anointed with Encouraging Testimony & Great Music. I Pray Abundance of Success, Prosperity, Favor. Ur Sis. in  - Debra Price 

Racman Christian Radio does a wonderful job of letting the music flow into you and helps your stress of the day melt away. -S Truett

John here from Orlando Florida. I love your music shows which edify and strengthen. Great job you guys and thank you again! - John G

I love your station God is truly working his ministry through your broadcast and I would love to have the chance to be a part of that. God has blessed me as well in my life at a young age with the gift to hear the music. Making music is a dream of mine but seeing the lost accept Christ so we can all make it on the other side of the gate is what I'm here to do...just you like you guys!! Together we can further the kingdom of God and I am so excited for this opportunity! - Ryan Bird

I support this station monthly I give what I can because I believe in reaching all for Christ and I want to help them do so. Please listen to this station and consider giving even a small amount helps give according to what you have but please give thank you! - L.Schon


Remember, if this is an emergency please dial 911 or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1.800.273.8255
Let them know that RacManChristianRadio sent you! Lord bless!


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