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 RacManChristianRadio has partnered with 3 established Independent Artist Radio Promotion Group, who works closely with you and/or your label, to maximize your ability to be seen and heard. 

Are your songs ready to be played on the radio? GET HEARD Your songs are written, and now it's time to see some action. You want to get them on the radio, get some serious airplay, and score some major gigs. If you're really going to take advantage of a well-written song, though, there are still some rookie mistakes that you'll have to dodge in order to get your song heard. Although this applies to many other formats, this list was created specifically with the main formats of Contemporary Christian Music in mind: Inspirational, Adult Contemporary, Current Hit Radio, and Rock. Keep in mind that this is only a guideline! There are few times where it is appropriate to push the boundaries, but a large majority of songs that see major success on Christian Radio, both indie and major, follow this checklist! 

The non-negotiables: !
• Song length: 3-4 minutes. Don't overstay your welcome.
• Short intro: 8-12 seconds. Get to the song.
• Reach the first chorus in less than a minute. This is the part they'll remember and sing in the shower,
so you don't want them to change the dial before getting to this part.
• Get it professionally produced, mixed, and mastered. Some people think this is optional, but the
program managers at radio stations can tell the difference. 

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Good music deserves great results.

That includes yours.

2000+ radio outlets have played our clients' songs... and growing!

300+ radio outlets play each of our clients' singles on average.

400more work is dedicated to your single per dollar than the leading alternatives.

We Drive Serious Results.

“There Will Be One Day” – Top 15 Billboard Christian Soft AC & Top 10 CMW INSPO/Soft AC, played on 600+ radio outlets

“When I Lift My Hands” – Top 25 Billboard Christian Soft AC, #1 CRC Weekly, #1 CRC Monthly, #1 CRC Quarterly, #1 CRC Annually (2013), played on 1000+ radio outlets

“Hope that Saves the World” – Top 30 Billboard Christian Rock and Top 30 Christian Music Weekly (CMW) Christian Rock, played on 600+ radio outlets

“People Get Ready, Jesus is Coming (PEACE 586 Remix feat. Propaganda)” – #1 CRC Weekly, #1 CRC Monthly, #1 CRC Quarterly, played on 900+ radio outlets!

“10,000 Reasons” – #1 CRC Weekly, #1 CRC Monthly, played on 300+ radio outlets

“Remarkable” – #1 CRC Weekly, played on 900+ radio outlets

“Sail On” – #1 CRC Weekly, #1 CRC Monthly, #2 CRC Yearly (2015) played on 1500+ radio outlets

“Love is Calling (feat. John Katina)” – #1 CRC Weekly, #1 CRC Monthly, #1 CRC Quarterly, #2 CRC Annually (2013), played on 800+ radio outlets
“Home” – #1 CRC Weekly, played on 800+ radio outlets

“He’s Coming Again” – #1 CRC Weekly, played on 1400+ radio outlets