JTM Ministry Solutions Spring Fundraiser 2024

The challenge has been made, and a generous partner gave $500, and is challenging you to give and watch the dollars rise and your faith grow. So, whether you are giving a one-off or the Holy Spirit is leading you be a month sponsor, Givebutter gives you the choice for each. Blessings and prayers as you seek the Lord to give!  
JTM MINISTRY SOLUTIONS 501(c)(3) Public Charity EIN 82-878403 JTM Ministry Solution is jtmministrysolutions@gmail.com if you have any question or would like to give in a different way! We are here for you









2016 Husband and wife, Jesse and Teri Martin received confirmation to start a 501c3 ministry. What followed was miraculous:  From to time they started the paperwork and paid the fees to begin, the process took less than eight weeks including the IRS approving JTM Ministry Solutions EIN: 821878403 and a tax-exempt status equal to a church. This enabled the ministry to pick and change the missions and goals at will.  Families in need was the biggest call for The Martins because at a time they were raising 3 boys and struggling to make ends meet, a ministry reached out and gave The Martins a vision on how to help families in need, without giving out cash payments to clients.  Second to the first mission, was support for KEBC-DB 93.3 RacManChristianRadio. The station was already reaching millions of listeners through the syndication of Jesse's 3 Live weekly shows. Once or twice a year JTM Ministry Solutions reaches out and asks for business and personal contributions. Currently, monthly donations are down (compared to 2016-2017), as many folks have face hardships. Yet, God still holds in His hands, a remenant faithful to give when we need it most. All we ask is that you give as generously as you are able. Size is not an issue!

There are several reasons why Racman Christian Radio is the station to listen to today.

1. Christian Music: Rac Man Christian Radio plays a variety of Christian music, rotating with different genres and songs. Whether you enjoy contemporary worship, gospel, or traditional hymns, you'll find something that resonates with you.

2. Inspirational Messages: In addition to music, Rac Man Christian Radio also features inspirational messages and sermons from renowned preachers and speakers. These messages can uplift your spirits, provide guidance, and offer encouragement in your faith journey.

3. Family-Friendly Content: Rac Man Christian Radio is known for its family-friendly content. /you can listen to this station without worrying about inappropriate or offensive material. It's a safe space for listeners of all ages.

4. Positive and Uplifting Atmosphere: Listening to Rac Man Christian Radio can create a positive and uplifting atmosphere wherever you are. The music and messages can help you focus on faith, hope, and love, bringing peace and joy into your day.

5. Community Connection: Rac Man Christian Radio often hosts events and engages with its listeners, fostering a sense of community among its audienceThrough contests, giveaways, and promotional activities, they create opportunities for listeners to connect and support one another.
6. Online Streaming: With the availability of online streaming platforms, you can listen to Rac Man Christian Radio wherever you are, whether at home, work, or on the go. This accessibility makes it easy to tune in and be inspired; no matter your location.

These are just a few reasons why our station is the station to listen to today. Give it a try and experience the

uplifting and inspiring content firsthand. www.facebook.com/racmanchristianradio

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